Our Services

Bad Breath


  • Eliminate areas in your teeth that can be food traps.
  • Analyze where the source of bad breath is coming from
  • simple home care goals to get you where you need to be
  • raise your confidence

The team at Windwood Dental will carefully analzye your teeth, gums, tongue, cheek to see where the source of the bad breath is coming from.  Solutions from replacing failing fillings, to more frequent cleanings, to a diffent technique in brushing and flossing are custom designed according to the actual needs of our patients.  

You’re one visit away from having the confidence in your breath again!

Clenching & Grinding

Habits while we sleep can have a negative effect on our teeth and supporting structures.

  • relieve unexplained muscle pain when you wake up.c
  • Stop making noises  which affect those trying to sleep around you
  • relief from teeth sensitivity and abnormal wear patterns on your teeth
  • understand why you feel ‘tired’ even after a good night’s rest.

Many people are unaware of the damage they cause their teeth, their health, and others around them when they are asleep.  Living under the stresses of modern day life, many of us are bringing that stress to our sleep and we are constantly grinding our teeth as we try to solve these issue in our sleep, not allowing our muscles to rest.  We often wake up with unexplained neck, shoulder and head pains as those muscles have been working during the night, when they should be resting up.   This also has an effect on our teeth as they rub against each other which leads to sensitivity and may even be so powerful that they break and chip teeth!

Some individuals go to bed for 8 hours but feel extremely tired as if they didn’t’ sleep a wink.  Many times, they suffer from sleep apnea, where there isn’t enough oxygen getting to our break to allow us to get to deep sleep.  this leads to snoring or even as dangerous as not breathing for extensive periods of time during our sleep.

A carefully custom designed and fitted appliance can help relives these issues and get you the sleep you deserve!

Cancer Detecting Technology

Alongside our meticulous complete oral exam, we employ the use of an enhanced oral assessment system.

  • tissue flourence require no extra solutions of dyes.
  • cleared by the FDA and Health Canada
  • helps detect early lesion

The team at Windwood Dental decided that alongside our intraoral and extraoral examinations, we wanted to ensure our patients we were doing everything possible to provide the best care possible.  We use The VELscope® Vx system as an adjunctive device.  It does not require any dyes or prolonged testing procedures and is completed within two minutes. It centers on a wireless, handheld scope that uses natural tissue fluorescence visualization to help clinicians see oral mucosal abnormalities that might otherwise have been overlooked.


General Check up and Cleanings

Keep your mouth and body healthy with regular cleanings!

Regular preventative hygiene treatment is essential to your oral & overall health.

  • Prevent cavities, and bleeding gums
  • Fresher Breath
  • Remove Stains & Tartar from Teeth
  • Reduce Teeth Sensitivities
  • Improve Overall Health



The team at Windwood Dental will analyze your current oral health and together with our patients we establish clear goals to achieve optimal oral and overall health.  Studies have shown a clear link between oral health and other systemic health issues.

Replacing missing teeth and Implants

Various options for replacing teeth

  • Implants, bridges, dentures, clear aligners we have the option you need and want
  • Denturist on-site to ensure proper and effective dentures
  • On-site dental lab to provide highest level of fast and personal service

At Windwood Dental we are proud to offer the services of our denturist who ensures that our patients receive the best service available when it comes to dentures.  We have our dental lab – El Diente Lab services next door, so we can offer quick crown and bridge delivery alongside, the best custom shade/colouring of the new teeth.

We also provide both the surgical phase of placing implants and the prosthetic service of inserting the crown.  


Sedation options to help calm and relax patients.

  • Laughing gas for that light calming effect
  • Dual sedation for those who require a little more
  • help keep your children happy with the dentist

At Windwood Dental, we have the ability to provide sedation options to help calm and relax patients who need that extra something to get them through a dental appointment.  Along with in chair tvs and videos, we want our patients to have a pleasant experience at the dentist.  We also are comfortable and able to treat younger children who are a bit too apprehensive at the dentist.

Soft Tissue Laser

We use lasers to help manage soft tissue problems such as overgrowth of gums and canker sores.  

  • safe and reliable use of lasers to remove tissues with short healing times
  • zap away the cold and canker sores to help them heal faster
  • expose teeth and bones to help make dentistry easier and painless
  • help shape gums for a more aesthetically pleasing look.

We at Windwood Dental have employed the use of lasers to help our patients benefit from the latest technology has to offer.  Lasers can help shape irregular gum patterns to create an esthetic pleasing smile.  Traditional methods would have caused healing times to be days, but with lasers, the areas stop bleeding right away.

Laser are also used to help treat canker and cold sores, as the energy from the laser is used to kill off the bugs associated with these lesions.  This then allows the body to heal faster and in some instances, it decreases the occurrences of these lesions.

Sports Mouth Guard

A custom fit dual laminate mouth guard is the only scientifically proven way to protect your teeth.

  • Custom fit to adapt and protect your teeth
  • variety of colours and patterns
  • ability to add team logos and tag-lines directly into the mouth guard
  • two layers to dissipate the forces effectively.

We at Windwood Dental are proud to offer one of the best and proven mouthguards available.  Pressure-laminate mouthguards have a precise fit  for better compliance.  The dual layers have the ability to provide a second uniform layer to provide protection to all teeth and help dissipate the forces of contact evenly in the plastic.  Traditional boil and bite mouthguards were too bulky and came in two sizes for everyone, thus leading to decreased compliance and faulty protection.  other single layer mouthguards have uneven thickness and thus a false sense of protection.


Brighten and Whiten those Pearly Whites

With our in-office light assisted, or chemically enhanced whitening options or take home trays, we can help you achieve a whiter and brighter smile for that extra boost of confidence.

  • instant results
  • custom trays made on-site for take home options
  • different options for different needs.
  • little to no sensitivity

At Windwood Dental, we have studied the different options of teeth whitening and have various systems that can help achieve your whitening depending on your needs.  Whitening products help whiten your teeth by getting below the enamel level and whiten the stained dentin.  With the latest technology, we are able to limit the sensitivity that used to be associated with whitening.  Either take home or in office systems are used to help achieve the results you need and want.